The loudspeaker switching console is used to distribute loudspeaker output signals of audio amplifiers to different loudspeakers in a switchable mode. This product is only approved for connection to loudspeaker outputs of audio amplifiers and outputs of pas-sive loudspeakers.


4 way loudspeaker switching console with terminal connections


  • ● Only use suitable loudspeaker cables for connecting. If in doubt, consult an expert.
  • ● Carefully read the input and output connection section in the relevant operating instruc¬tions of the devices that are to be connected.
  • ● If these instructions are not observed, the loudspeaker switching console or connected devices (amplifier or loudspeaker) may get damaged.
  • ● Switch off the power switch of the amplifier before connecting it and do not switch the amplifier on again until you have made all the necessary connections and checked them.
  • ● Follow the same procedure, when changing the wiring of the loudspeaker switching con¬sole.
  • ● Make sure to introduce neatly the litz wires into loudspeaker terminals to exclude short circuits.
  • ・When connecting, observe the marking of the loudspeaker terminals:
  • ・+ = positive connection / - = negative connection / RIGHT = right connection / LEFT = left connection
  • ・Connect the loudspeaker terminals SPEAKER with loudspeakers.
  • ・Connect the loudspeaker terminals AMPLIFIER to the loudspeaker outputs of the amplifier.

  • Specifications:

  • Inputs 1 x stereo
    Outputs 4 x stereo
    Maximum load 200 W (max.) / 100 W (switchable)
    Dimensions 225x38x103 mm
    Weight 580g
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