Gmax - Audio

This Converter converts VGA or Component Video and Audio to HDMI. allows for connection of Desktop or Notebook PC to a flat panel TV. It also allows for connecting equipment with component output (such us PS2, STB, DVD etc) to PC monitor that has only HDMI®or DVI inputs.




  • ・Converts component video (YPbPr)+Audio or VGA+Audio to HDMI* singal. It can be used for PS2/STB/DVD/DVB/HDTV/PC/Laptop/WII/ Xbox 360/projector.
  • ・1 channel YPbPr input, 1 channel left and right sound input, 1 channel HDMI output. Transform HD, YpbPr and left, right track signal into HDMI* signal.
  • ・1 channel VGA input, 1 channel AUDIO input, 1 channel HDMI* output.
  • ・Transform the VGA signal of PC and AUDIO signal into HDMI* signal output.
  • ・HDCP compliant.
  • ・Easy to Use: Install in seconds, no need for setting.
  • ・Achieves long-distance transmission of HDMI* signal of more than 15 meters.
  • ・Supports VGA resolution: 640*480@75Hz;800*600@60Hz/75Hz/85Hz; 1024*768@60Hz/75Hz/85Hz;1280*960@60Hz.
  • ・Supports YPbPr resolution: 480i/480p@60Hz;576i/576p@50Hz; 720i/720p@60Hz;1080p@50Hz/60Hz.

  • Package Content:

  • ・1× Main unit
  • ・1× 5V/DC, 2A Power Supply
  • ・1× User Manual